Following a lively series kick-off in Sydney Australia, the Vans BMX Pro Cup Series announces the top pre-qualified seeds of the series thus far, as the tour advances to Spain, May 5-7 for the second global qualifier event of the season. The world’s most talented BMX riders will venture to the southern coast of Malaga to compete at the internationally renowned El Skatepark Malaga, a bmx rider’s dream terrain, featuring dynamic opportunities for speed and flow.

Spanish pro Sergio Layos leads the pack, winning the series’ first global qualifier event in Sydney, Australia last month, to set the tone for competition at his hometown proving grounds. 

“Making it to the top of the podium at an event that I respect so much made me the happiest human on earth,” said Layos. “Going to Malaga for the next event and getting to ride with all my friends is going to be truly amazing.”

Top 18 from Vans BMX Pro Cup Sydney Global Qualifier, advancing to Spain:

Sergio Layos             ESP

Dennis Enarson        USA

Larry Edgar               USA

Corey Walsh             CAN

Kevin Peraza             USA

Gary Young               USA

Ryan Nyquist             USA

Jason Watts              AUS

Matt Cordova             USA

Kris Fox                     USA

Alex Hiam                  AUS

Dylan Lewis               AUS

Tom Dugan               USA

Greg Illingworth         ZAF

Pat Casey                  USA

Boyd Hilder                 AUS

Tyler Fernengel         USA

Corey Bohan             AUS

Wildcards for Vans BMX Pro Cup Spain:

Chase Hawk             USA

Clint Reynolds         USA

Dan Foley                 USA