The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series closed out an explosive competition in Málaga, Spain as 31 of the best BMX riders from around the globe battled it out for top honors and the coveted global qualifier title. In an astonishing finals shakeup, USA’s Chase Hawk clinched the Málaga victory in his first appearance this season, demonstrating steadfast style and ingenuity through unpredictable lines throughout Málaga’s beloved park terrain course.

“The Vans Pro Cup is one of the best contests that BMX has going, mix that with Rubén Alcántara’s skatepark makes for the perfect event. To be able to come here and put it all together feels amazing,” exclaims first place winner, Chase Hawk.

Second place charger and Vans pro   conquered the course with ease, landing colossal transfers to leave the crowd in absolute awe. Finally, local hero Sergio Layos did not disappoint, claiming third with high-speed lines and pure daredevil style. 

As one of the greatest highlights of the day, Ben Wallace unleashed a massive flair transfer from the vert quarter to the rainbow bank, gapping more than 20 feet as the crowd went wild, earning Wallace the event’s Best Trick award.


1. Chase Hawk
2. Corey Walsh
3. Sergio Layos
4. Larry Edgar
5. Matt Cordova
6. Dennis Enarson
7. Gary Young
8. Ben Wallace
9. Pat Casey
10. Tom Dugan