Kris Fox

Date of birth: February 12, 1993
Hometown: Fountain Valley, California
Sponsors: SE Bikes, Demolition Parts, Vans


What have you been doing since the 2019 finals in September? Finished up filming my Fast and Loose part and I wrote a book.

We’re heading back to Waiblingen, Germany in July. What was something you remember from that event in 2019? The rich history of the city. Everything is old and beautiful and puts a lot of things into perspective.

We head to Salt Lake City in September, home of Mike Aitken, Fuzzy Hall and Matt Beringer. What do you think the vibe will be like having these guys on deck during the event? All three are absolute legends and I hold a great amount of reverence for each. They all helped pave the road for us to now have the opportunity to enjoy these events and that doesn't go unnoticed. Plus, Mike Aitken is one of the main reasons I decided to roll into the trails or drop into the bowl when I was a kid.

For the first time Sydney, Australia is our host for the Vans BMX Pro Cup finals in October. Who are you backing for the series win this year? Dovey. I can't wait for the feelings of inadequacy I'll have while I watch him progress bowl riding to another level. I'll have one of the best seats in the house on the deck as well. He makes it all look damn good.




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