Macarena Perez

Date of birth: December 19, 1996
Hometown: Santiago
Sponsors: Vans, Odyssey, IBikes


How has the off-season been for you? It's kind of boring hahaha but it's good to be at home enjoying with family and friends and having fun in my local park.

With three new locations this year, which one are most excited about? I love Germany and I've been there just once to Mellow Park, Berlin, so I can't wait to explore more about this country.

Who do you think will do well this year? I know the girls are raising the level more and more, I want to see all the surprises from them. Also, I think that Boyd (Hilder) will do very well this year.

Tell us about your bike set-up? I'm a small person so I like my bike to be small and light hahaha I'm ridding for Odyssey and the most of my bike parts are from them. I usually use 80-90 psi with Kevlar tires and I use brakes for tailwhips :)

What part of a bowl section do you get excited to hit the most? I love big/smooth/curved enough quarter pipes of those that you can go fast and then go super high, that's makes me get excited to hit the most hahaha (Not mellow quarter pipes)




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