Perris Benegas

Date of birth: July 22, 1995
Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Sponsors: Cult, Demolition, Vans


What have you been doing since the 2019 finals in September? Shortly after finals I traveled to China for a few events and I left sunny San Diego. I recently moved to North Carolina and have been riding so much! Truly enjoying the people and sessions!

We’re heading back to Waiblingen, Germany in July. What was something you remember from that event in 2019? Ah, Germany. I absolutely loved this stop! The riding from everyone was unreal and the crowd was on another level. Some of the lines and transfers that were done were insane! I cannot wait to see what is done there this year.

We head to Salt Lake City in September, home of Mike Aitken, Fuzzy Hall and Matt Beringer. What do you think the vibe will be like having these guys on deck during the event? Legends, all three of them! I think the vibe is going to be one of the best to date. What an honor it will be to share the same deck space with them. I’m so excited and looking forward to this stop! Maybe even sneak a lap in with them!

For the first time Sydney, Australia is our host for the Vans BMX Pro Cup finals in October. Who are you backing for the series win this year? This is always a hard one. So many people come out and ride so well. I feel like it could go a few ways for men between Jason, Sergio, and Larry. For women, I really don’t know. Everyone has been riding so well lately I feel it could go either way. I’m definitely excited to wait and see, I know everyone is going to bring something special to each stop. 




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