Teresa Azcoaga

Date of birth: June 24, 1994
Hometown: San Sebastian, Spain
Sponsors: Vans, Fly Bikes, TSG Protection


How has the off-season been for you? The off-season for me has been very quiet. I have not been able to ride BMX very often because near my house I have nothing to ride, but I want to start again.

With three new locations this year, which one are you most excited about? I am excited to go to Germany, I have never been to Germany before, a new country to know is wonderful.

Who do you think will do well this year? I could not say someone concrete. But I see Perris Benegas finishing very strongly. I think she will be a star rider this year.

Tell us about your bike set-up? My bike is tiny like me hahah, my frame is 20.6” top tube and with a rear of 13.2” more or less. For the rest of the people a mini bmx hahah. I never use a brake.

What part of a bowl section do you get excited to hit the most? I love so much the good hips, the vertical quarters are my passion, the higher I can go in them, I like them more!




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