Chris James

Date of birth: July 10, 1990
Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia
Sponsors: Colony BMX, Spent Clothing, Nerang BMX Centre, PSD Underwear


How has the off-season been for you? Really good! I quit my job as a butcher and am now riding full time doing BMX shows every day at Sea World for a company called showtime FMX.

With three new locations this year, which one are you most excited about? Definitely excited for Germany I have never been there before and I’ll be there for two weeks with the man Clint Millar and a few of the Colony boys.

Who do you think will do well this year? My money is going on little Josh Dove, the kid shreds hopefully we can get him to a few of the stops.

Tell us about your bike set-up? I ride a Colony tradition 21” top tube perfect for big bowls and big airs, I have a few new signature parts I’m running now like my blaster seat and prototype 28 tooth blaster sprocket with some new stuff in the works to come real soon. No breaks! No need! full speed. Fat tyres front and back on 80-90 psi.

What part of a bowl section do you get excited to hit the most? The deep end with the pool coping. 




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