Nikita Ducarroz

Date of birth: August, 12, 1996
Hometown: Glen Ellen, CA
Sponsors: Mongoose, Black&Decker, Extreme, Schweizer Sportshilfe, Tioga.


How has the off-season been for you? The offseason has been interesting! Tore my MCL right after the last competition in December, so was out for 3 months rehabbing. Missed riding but glad to have that time to get strong again.

With three new locations this year, which one are you most excited about? I’m always excited about Huntington.  After so much international traveling throughout the year, it’s awesome to have everyone come to California and have a big contest right at home.

Who do you think will do well this year? Too hard to say! So many insane riders all with different styles. Dennis, Boyd, Larry, and Gary are just a few of my favorites.

Tell us about your bike set-up? 20.25” top tube with a 13.2” rear Mongoose! Gyro, no pegs.

What part of a bowl section do you get excited to hit the most? I love a good hip, or a quarter to bank setup.  




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