Cauan Madona

Date of birth: June 27, 1994
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Sponsors: Vans Brasil, DRB BIKES, Dream BMX, Penks


How has the off-season been for you? Basically I don't have an off season haha. I'm always doing good things with BMX! I have been riding hard preparing for the 2019 events at my new local park that is super close, only a 5 minute pedal away haha.

With three new locations this year, which one are you most excited about? I'm excited for the new locations and happy to see the Vans BMX Pro Cup getting bigger. The one most exited for is the new Vans HB Bowl, I cannot wait to meet that place! 

Who do you think will do well this year? It's hard to select one rider because I see so many different riders with big airs and crazy tricks but haha my favorite is DENNIS ENARSON. We call him "THE DAD" in Brazil haha because he goes for it and makes shit happen!

Tell us about your bike set-up? My frame is 20.7" top tube and the back end is 13.30". It's a DRB bike, which is a Brazilian brand. I run about 100 psi to get higher airs, but I'm thinking about the get a bigger frame to see how I feel with riding that. 

What part of a bowl section you get excited to hit the most? The deep end of the bowl where I can go high and click the trick I love the most, T-Bog.




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