Brandon Loupos

Date of birth: 27 March, 1993
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Sponsors: Rockstar, Hyper, Snafu, Vans


What have you been doing since the 2019 finals in September? I’ve been riding a bunch since September since I’ve been pretty much nonstop since then but loving the busy days and looking forward to another busy year in 2020! 

We’re heading back to Waiblingen, Germany in July. What was something you remember from that event in 2019? Germany was rad in 2019, the bowl was fun but riding it with the best crew is what made it such a memorable experience for me. Looking forward to seeing the madness go down there this year as well!

We head to Salt Lake City in September, home of Mike Aitken, Fuzzy Hall and Matt Beringer. What do you think the vibe will be like having these guys on deck during the event? It’s going to be insane being in SLC with those guys on deck watching us do our thing, I grew up riding Slam Bars, (Beringer’s signature bars from S&M) Mike Aitken edits as well as watching Fuzzy compete when I first started riding. I’ll feel unworthy but it’ll be a fun weekend for sure!

For the first time Sydney, Australia is our host for the Vans BMX Pro Cup finals in October. Who are you backing for the series win this year? Definitely looking forward to having the finals in the motherland this year. It’s going to be a blast regardless who wins but I’ll be stoked if my boy Rim Nakamura takes it home!




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