Natalya Diehm

Date of birth: September 23, 1997
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Sponsors: Vans


What have you been doing since the 2019 finals in September? I’ve been riding a lot! Competed in UCI world championships in October and placed 6th which put Australia into a qualifying position for the Olympics for women.

We’re heading back to Waiblingen, Germany in July. What was something you remember from that event in 2019? The most memorable thing for me in Germany was when I did my bike give away. Seeing the look of excitement and such happiness on that girl’s face was priceless. The atmosphere as well was amazing but that’s at every Vans stop!

We head to Salt Lake City in September, home of Mike Aitken, Fuzzy Hall and Matt Beringer. What do you think the vibe will be like having these guys on deck during the event? I think they’ll bring such an awesome, positive vibe to the course. I’m excited to see what they bring to the contest, I can’t wait.

For the first time Sydney, Australia is our host for the Vans BMX Pro Cup finals in October. Who are you backing for the series win this year? For the men I’m going to back the Aussies and hope that Jason Watts can hold the title or Dovey after his debut year last year and smashed it. As for the women, Teresa has always been a tough competitor and has a ton of flow and the same with Perris. With both of these girls in the competition, they’ll be sure to make each event hard to win. 




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