Jayden Mucha

Date of birth: July 31, 2002
Hometown: Rochester, New York
Sponsors: Kink


How has the year been for you? It was a tough start to the year with a broken foot, causing me to miss the first Vans BMX Pro Cup stop in Australia. Everything after has been absolutely incredible! The Germany and Mexico City stops surely made up for it! Having the opportunity to travel to these amazing places and ride with so many people I know and riders I’ve admired for so long has made it awesome!

Which has been your favorite stop this year? The atmosphere and crowd at every stop is sooo sick!  Each and every stop I’ve been too has been so much fun. They’re all so different... The bowl designs and features the Fast and Loose crew build, the food, local lifestyle. The stop that really stands out in my mind this year is México City! I think It’s because I had more time on my bike to get ready and I found lines I really liked. There were so many talented riders and the crowd was crazy, hyping you up every trick of every run!

Who have you been excited to watch ride this year at Pro Cup? I love watching so many of these guys. They’re all so different in their approach and style. If I have too,  I’d say it’s always exciting to watch Chris James and Larry Edgar ride! They both go super high, have tricks that look so good and there are always OMG moments. 

Tell us about your bike set-up? I ride a 21.5” Kink Backwoods frame with 9.5” rise Kink Rex bars and the Kink Foundation 2 forks! My set up is perfect for going fast, high and throwing tricks!! 

What part of a bowl do you like the most? I love a really nice 7-8’ quarter, a big double coping spine that’s 6’ plus and pockets you can rip around for speed, so I can go as fast as I want and as high as I want!




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