Photos and Interview By Colin Mackay 

Boyd Hilder was a favorite to win the Sydney Regional Qualifier but Ryan Nyquist was in his way after qualifying for the finals in first. Boyd has a great mix of modern tech tricks and with bowl flow, and that flow is coming from his race background. He has really good bike control! Boyd always seems to be smiling and having fun but when you’re a great bike rider, the solid placings come and Boyd won the Sydney Regional Qualifier earning a spot in the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships. 

CM: Where are you from and how did you get into BMX? 

BH: I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia. Got into racing at a young age thanks to my parents.

CM: How far did you go in your race career? 

BH: I raced from about 6 years of age till about 16yrs old. So roughly 10 years with my best finish being 1st in Australia at 10yrs old.

CM: You’re no stranger to visiting the States, how many time have you visited now? 

BH: Umm I think this year will be my 4th visit to the States. It's just too good! Love the food, the parks, the streets, and the people, pretty much everything about it. 

CM: How was the Sydney Regional Qualifier for you? Were there any standout moments for you? 

BH: Sydney was epic; I bought a van a few weeks prior so I took 2 weeks off work and road tripped down with a mate stopping at parks and beaches the whole way. So after already having the time of my life, winning the Global Qualifier was for sure the cherry on top!

CM: You rode the 2015 Van Doren Invitational, do you think you’ll be more prepared for the 2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships, having experienced it before?

BH: For sure I'll have a bit more confidence. In 2015 I was the first rider to drop in and was really feeling the nerves. Looking forward to having a good crack this time around.

CM: What's been happening since the Sydney Regional Qualifier? 

BH: Not too much, unfortunately I broke a metacarpal bone in my hand riding a local park. So I've just been eating healthy caring for that and now getting back on the bike and getting my flow back.

Final words? Thanks to everyone that helps me Volume, Demolition, Verve, Primary and the family!