Photos and Interview by Colin Mackay

Madona breezed through the Regional Qualifier prelim in Mexico against a stacked field in the blistering heat. Come finals time when the riders scores were reset and the judges get to really narrow the list down and decide on a winner, it was Cauan and he was on his way to the USA! Cauan rode so well on such a challenging bowl in Mexico, I can only imagine how well he will ride at the Vans US Open stop.

I ran an Instagram Live feed at one point in the day in Mexico and I noticed the majority of the comments were Brazilian’s sending love and support for Madona. I got the feeling he’s pretty big time in his country! I can’t wait to see him represent for his crew when he rides at Huntington Beach, you know they will be cheering for him!  

How old are you, where are you from and how did you get into BMX? 

I’m 22 from Sao Paulo, Brazil! When I was younger I rode Motocross, but Motocross was an expensive hobby and I found it tough to get to all the races.

The track where I rode my dirt bike at were some guys jumping dirt jumps on BMX bikes and I borrowed one of their bikes and tried the jumps out. After that I was hooked and ended up riding BMX!

Do you work in Brazil?

Yes I work in a technical service store for cell phones, tablets, televisions, computers and notebooks. 

Have you met Brazilian BMX legend and ex Vans rider Diogo Canina? 

Yes, everyone here knows Diogo Canina! He is a respected in Brazil for his riding and his lifestyle.

How was the Regional Qualifier in Mexico for you? Any highlights? 

It was very good and at the same time very scary because when I got to ride the bowl I was totally lost, the bowl was very difficult to ride with so many different lines. The level was so high with riders from all over the world.

Are you looking forward to visiting the US for the first time?

I am very anxious to visit the USA and California, and even more eager to ride that legendary bowl. 

What do you plan to do before arriving in the USA?

The main plan is to start learning a little English so I can communicate with all the riders I grew up watching on DVD's.

Also in Brazil there’s a mini-ramp contest series called the BSS tour and I’ll be riding in two of those before traveling to USA.

I aim to ride more during my days at home to prepare for Huntington Beach.