Series Debuts Brand New Skatepark Metro Puebla 2
Colombia’s Michael Mogollón Wins Men’s
Regional Qualifier.

Mexico City, MEXICO (August 17, 2019) – Vans BMX Pro Cup, the world’s leading platform for elite BMX park
terrain competition returns to Mexico once again to host the third and final 2019 pro tour series event, ahead of
the 2019 BMX Pro Cup World Championships. Landing in Mexico City for the first time in series history, the Pro
Cup series kicked off the weekend to inaugurate the brand-new Skatepark Metro Puebla 2, located in the
neighborhood of Magdalena Mixiuhca, following two previous seasons in Jalisco, Guadalajara.

This series’ exciting BMX competition took off with the Pro Cup Men’s Regional Qualifiers, where 72 athletes
from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, USA and Australia battled it out to earn a top qualifying seed into the
Mexico City Pro tour Semi-finals, taking place today, and to advance directly to the World Championships event
next month.

Emerging from the field to take the honors, first place winner Michael Mogollón from Colombia, impressed the
judges by clicking a massive turndown on one of the quarter-pipe walls, after a bar-spin transfer to grind out of
the bowl corner. In 2nd, Parker Heath from the US performed exceptional maneuvers as well, with notable
creative transfers, including one from the tall steep bank dropping down into a tighter bowl. In third place, Jayden
Mucha earned crowd applause, with his massive no-handed transfer, ejecting from the wooden launch into the
waterfall, which no other competitor attempted.

Spectators and fans alike enjoyed an action-packed day, fueled by adrenaline as the world’s elite BMX athletes
gave them a taste for the action to come in the semi-finals and grand finale this weekend. Congratulations to all
the advancing regional competitors!

The series continues with the Pro Tour Semi-Finals. See schedule below.

2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup: Mexican Regional Qualifier Results
Top 14 advanced to Semi-finals
1. Michael Mogollon COL
2. Parker Heath USA
3. Jayden Mucha USA
4. Tomás Fuentes CHL
5. Chase Pauza USA
6. Felipe Manerim BRA
7. José Cerdano CHL
8. Juan Sebastián Vaca Martínez COL
9. Andrés Gatica CHL
10. Brad Maple USA
11. Iván Galdames CHL
12. Minus Daniel Giraldo COL
13. Adler Cromer USA
14. Jay Dalton USA

As the pivotal final stop before the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships, to be held in Huntington Beach,
CA this September, the race heats up as final qualifying competitors are determined here in Mexico City this
weekend. For the latest tour updates, visit

1st Michael Mogollon, 2nd Parker Heath, 3rd Jayden Mucha  Photo: Rob Dolecki </span>

1st Michael Mogollon, 2nd Parker Heath, 3rd Jayden Mucha Rob Dolecki